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Tips on caring for your real Christmas Tree

Water your tree using a good quality watering Christmas tree stand as this will keep the tree fresh and alive and prevent needles shedding by 90%. Decide on a good placement for the tree. The tree must never be placed near a fireplace ,radiators or wood stove. Doing so will cause the tree to dry […]

The Origins of the Christmas Tree

Where did the tradition of the Christmas tree come from? Every tradition has an origin, and the Christmas tree is no different. It’s thought that it mainly originated in Germany in the 16th century when people brought trees into their homes and decorated them. Pagan Roots? Evergreen fir trees have been used for thousands of […]

Types of Real Christmas Trees

  Noble Fir    A non shed tree with branches layered . Holds its needles very well. Lovely scent         Norway Spruce   The traditional Christmas Tree, full throughout, tends to shed, but less so if watered generously         Lodgepole Pine                 […]

  • New crop of norway spruce
  • Oct 2007 048
  • A lodgepole pine tree
  • A noble fir tree
  • A Norway Spruce Tree
  • decorated Christmas tree from Meadow Lane Christmas Tree Farm Galway
  • Meadow Lane Christmas Tree Far


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